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Directions For Use

Directions for Using your new E-Cigarette:
1. Screw together your cartomizer and battery. 
2. While holding down the black button, draw a slow mouthful and inhale.
3. The batteries have a cut off timer built into them. If you take too long of a drag, the light at the tip of the battery will flash and you will have to wait 10 seconds to take another drag.
4. If the light blinks every time you push the button, it is time to recharge your battery.
5. If you notice a flavor change or allot less vapor, and your battery is fully charged, it is time to refill or replace your cartomizer.

Directions for Charging your new E-Cigarette:
1. Screw together your battery and usb charger. 
2. Plug the battery/usb charger into your computer or any available usb port.
3. The indicator light will turn red while the battery is charging. And it will turn green when charging is complete.
4. It takes approximately 2 hours to completely charge your battery.
5. Never leave your battery on the charger for more than 12 hours.

How to Refill Cartomizers:
1. Hold the cartomizer with the battery connection end facing up and the mouth-piece facing down. 
2. Locate the hole in the center. 
3. Add one drop into the hole. Let the liquid seep into the hole. 
4. Repeat step 3 until the cartomizer is full. A new empty cartomizer can hold approximately 20 drops of liquid. We recommend not adding more than 8-10 drops to a prefilled cartomizer because it may leak. 
5. Cover both ends of the cartomizer with a rag or the provided caps and shake it up to spread liquid evenly inside cartomizer.
6. Wipe off excess liquid from the center hole and its ready to vape!. 
7. If you get any liquid on your hands, wash them immediately.

Directions for using The PCC Charging pack: